Each Vagabond by Name


Review: Each Vagabond By Name
By Margo Orlando Littell

Is it possible for a book to be both quiet and explosive all at once? If so, this author has managed to do it.

I went into this book pretty blind, which is what I tend to do with a lot of books. I enjoy the story more that way without having any expectations. Each Vagabond by Name was published by Uno Press and I was thrilled they sent a copy my way for an honest review.

It’s not often that I can say that I loved a book from beginning to end but this one I did. This is about a small quiet town full of people that trust each other and know every one by their first name. Our main character is Ramsy, who runs the local tavern and serves the locals on a nightly basis. The peacefulness of this town is soon destroyed when a group of gypsies start looting people’s houses and terrifying the townsfolk and what ensues afterward when anger and revenge start to tear their ugly heads.

This story is about loss, heartbreak, rage, losing hope and finding it again, forgiveness and compassion.

I encourage everyone to pick up this book if you enjoy quiet but passionately written stories. This is definitely an author I want to check out more of in the future.

My rating:



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